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Nuts n Bolts behind the Bombardiers Car Club

Bombardiers car club was founded in August of 2011. We are a club based out of Albuquerque, NM. We are a small club and plan on keeping it that way (no chapters). Classic cars up to 1959 are what the Bombardiers CC members drive. We consider ourselves a tight band of brothers with personal morals that influence the clubs' standards. Bombardiers do not have prospects. Either we like you or we don’t believe you are Bombardier material. We do have some standards with our club cars and how they should look. We like your classic to be a continuing project with the intention to have the baddest, meanest, loudest, cleanest, classic on the road but that you enjoy whatever you drive.  When representing the Bombardiers club, members must have the highest respect for GOD, our country, our flag, people, other car clubs, social clubs or lone wolves. We do not participate in any kind of illegal actively nor talk about criminal activity. Drinking and driving will not be tolerated.   

We Respect all Police and Fire personnel

"Cruz whatcha got and look good doing it"
Photograph by: David Moreno